The Norther Light

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After GQ and Numero Magazine supported Sellah’s first EP “Sorcery” Sellah didn’t sleep. He immediately started to work on his first full length album of 33 songs “The Northern Light”.

In this album, Sellah invites the world into this journey of his life, navigating through the darkness of acceptance, the darkness of his mind and of the music industry. Sellah speaks about how it is being a gay African American man whom doesn’t fit the stereotype of the gay community and even outside of the community. Sellah also opens up about the difficulties trying to find the right person. You will find tracks speaking about how toxic love and the development of manhood can be.

In this album Sellah depicts himself as an Entity not of this galaxy. Sellah, The Northern Light was sent to earth to understand humanity. He claims himself to be The Experience. He is only here to experience, meaning he has to suffer the good and the bad side of life to finally understand his purpose in this world, finding his own light.

This album was created by several emerging producers (Zac Hasenfuss, Jaymie Jaylen, DBOOO, Max Season, JPhilly, DJ Ruen…) and a top producer, K.R.O.K, who has worked with artist like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Teddy Riley.

“The Northern Light” is genuine, raw and unforgettable, this album was made from the heart and with heart.